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5 star review for a 5 star realtor! Isaac was incredibly helpful and found us an apartment that we absolutely love! He was extremely professional and on top of the whole process. I would recommend his services over and over!

by Jessica S.

Jason is THE BEST broker. This was my first experience with apartment hunting in the city and Jason made the process a breeze. I think we felt instantly at ease with her, and none of the listings he showed us disappointed. He knew exactly what we wanted and I really felt like he was the most informed broker we dealt with. He was also the most accessible and reliable-- answering calls, texts, and emails right away.

Even through some issues with our application process, Jason was great at thinking on his feet and jumped through hoops to make sure we got the apartment we wanted. Her and the whole team at Manhattan Realty work well together to get the job done. I could not have had a better experience and would highly recommend her to anyone.

by Sam A.

I found my first NYC apartment after graduating with the help of Jason Polanco from Manhattan Realty Group. Jason was really friendly and knowledgable, explaining all the different aspects of apartments he showed me and any questions I had about them or the process of applying for them. He gave me a heads up to apply for the apartment, and had I applied any later the deal would've been taken by someone else. He was readily available to sign the leases afterwards and made the whole process seamless.

I had previously been searching for apartments for about 2 weeks and within 2 days Jason proved to easily be the most helpful.

by Frank C.

This review is for Jamie Fields at Manhattan Realty Group.

I highly recommend Jamie Fields to anybody looking for a diligent, knowledgeable, kind, and trustworthy NYC broker. I worked with Jamie because she was recommended to me by a friend who had a very positive experience with her. Jamie was extremely responsive and helpful from the start! We called her and she immediately called me back and walked us through the whole process over the phone. My roommate and I were based in Boston and had no knowledge of the NYC rental market so she was a great resource to have and was patient in explaining everything to us. We drove to Boston just for one day and only had that day to find an apartment. Jamie took us to 8 apartments and the last one we saw was our dream apartment (and even slightly under budget). We were able to see exactly what we could get within our budget as Jamie mostly only showed us apartments in Murray Hill (the neighborhood we wanted) and also showed us a few other options in a different neighborhood.

After signing the lease, Jamie continued to help us with additional questions we had about moving into NYC and was a great resource to have throughout the entire process. Overall she is an amazing broker to work with and we would highly recommend her to anybody!

by Sarah S.