Murray Hill

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Located within walking distance to Grand Central Terminal, Murray Hill is popular with young professionals looking for an easy commute and affordable rent. The neighborhood's youthful vibe is hard to miss. There are tons of pubs, fro-yo joints and nail salons all catering to the under-30 set.

Murray Hill has a lively energy most hours of the day and night. In the morning, the streets are filled with young professionals looking polished in their Brooks Brothers suits as they head to work. Come evening, you'll see the crowds returning home decked out in gym clothes and schlepping bags of take-out dinner and Trader Joe's. It can seem at times like every resident is a recent grad -- especially on 3rd Avenue where there's always a big game airing at one of the many sports bars along the strip. Even so, the neighborhood has a down-to-earth, casual vibe. It's true most of Murray Hill's residents are new-to-the city renters who come and go, but the place eschews intransigence and maintains a familiar, college-town feel. 


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