West Village

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The West Village is the perfect neighborhood for people who like the finer things in life - think lovely window boxes, well-curated bookshops and sophisticated company - but without the fuss or ostentation.

Picture a romantic comedy set in New York City: The heroine invariably will live in a cozy walk-up on a cobblestone street in a neighborhood with cute boutiques and trendy cafes on every corner. This movie is set in the West Village. In reality, the West Village is just as picturesque. The neighborhood is tucked between Greenwich Village and the Hudson River and is one of the quietest and most sophisticated pockets of Downtown Manhattan. Primarily residential with a distinct lack of office buildings, the leafy, off-the-grid streets are peaceful during the day, but get livelier at night. That's when well-heeled residents, fashionistas and literati can all be found mingling over oysters at the area's many low-lit cocktail bars.


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